Snorkeling Hen and Chickens with Edelweiss in the Florida Keys

The Hen and Chickens Reef in the Florida Keys is one of the most diverse and productive coral reefs in the world. Located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the reef provides a sanctuary for innumerable species of fish, sea birds, and invertebrates in its calm, warm, and nutrient-rich waters. The reef also provides important habitats for species such as threatened green turtles, and is a major nursery for young fish.

This protected SPA coral reef is one of the most popular snorkeling locations in the area, known for its stunning marine life and crystal-clear waters. Experience the thrill of exploring this underwater paradise and discover the beauty of the Florida Keys like never before.

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Snorkeling at Hen and Chickens Reef

Snorkeling at Hen and Chickens Reef in the Florida Keys is a great experience for all levels of snorkelers. The water is teeming with brightly colored tropical fish, including blue tang and angelfish, and is also home to numerous schools of grunt and schoolmaster.

With a wide variety of sea life, including rays, turtles and an abundance of small colorful fish, Hen and Chickens Reef offers a unique snorkeling experience.

Where is Hen and Chickens located in the Florida Keys?

Hen and Chickens is located in the Florida Keys near Key Largo in Islamorada. It is a popular snorkeling site known for its diverse marine life, including colorful tropical fish, coral formations, and sea turtles.

What kind of marine life can be seen while snorkeling at Hen and Chickens?

Snorkeling at Hen and Chickens in the Florida Keys offers the chance to observe a variety of marine life, including:

  • Tropical fish: a wide range of colorful fish species, such as angelfish, parrotfish, and damselfish.
  • Sea turtles: the site is known for its large populations of sea turtles, which are often seen swimming and resting among the coral formations.
  • Coral formations: Hen and Chickens features vibrant coral formations, including elkhorn, brain, and star coral, providing habitat for many other marine species.
  • Sponges: various species of sponges, some of which are brightly colored, can also be seen at the site.
  • Eels: various species of eels, including the green moray eel, can also be seen in the waters around Hen and Chickens.

It is important to remember that all marine life is protected in the Florida Keys and visitors are asked to be respectful and follow the rules and regulations while snorkeling at Hen and Chickens.

Is snorkeling at Hen and Chickens suitable for beginners?

Yes, snorkeling at Hen and Chickens is generally suitable for beginners. The site offers calm and clear waters with a variety of marine life to observe.

Snorkeling Tour to Hen and Chickens

  • Recommended time: 3 hours
  • Price: $475.00, up to 4 people. 5-6 people on request

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