My name is Pascale, I’m a licensed and Insured US Goast Guard Captain and I take pride in my work, and my boat and I hope to show you an unforgetable ocean experience.

I was born in Switzerland, and have always had a strong connection to nature.  Snorkeling is one of my passions. I love seeing the full cycle of the millions of animals that surround us. Seeing tiny little snapper in clear, shallow mangrove water is amazing. The way that nature provides for these creatures to grow out of the protective mangroves, where their lives began, and then moving out into the open waters of our tropical wonderland. You’ll probably see large turtles, dolphins, barracuda, crabs, lobster and so many colorful things. You never know what you’ll see.

I love connecting with nature and our place in nature. There is a peacefulness to be found in each of us. And when we see the cycle of nature here, you’ll find that peacefulness too.  Come with me and see this cycle, in full for yourself.

Whether you are snorkeling, or just want to see everything on the water, I’m confident you’ll enjoy the experience.  Join me for a unique ocean experience, you’ll always remember.

Our boat is a twin-engine Glacier Bay  Catamaran with a large bimini for shade.  Or sit on the comfortable bow seating for full sun and wind. This boat offers a ride that is incomparable to monohull boats. The ride is smooth and there is ​​​no pounding when waves are encountered.  These boats are built for comfort and stability.  Our local waters are typically less than 25 feet in depth , or less than 7-8 meters, and big waves are uncommon.  The twin four-stroke Yamaha motors are reliable, quiet and clean running. There are two seating areas and a very sturdy set of handrails and steps to help you get safely in and out of the water. If you have small children, this is important.  The boat has all the required safety equipment and your safety is very important to us.