Eco Tours with Edelweiss in the Florida Keys

Eco Tours are a perfect way to see and explore the middle Keys. This marine region is a haven for a variety of wildlife, from predatory fish and coral reef communities, to birds and manatees.

Here, nature-lovers can gaze at sea turtles and manatees or observe schools of fish and dolphins playing in the sparkling waters. The area is also home to numerous wading birds, such as egrets and herons, which reside in the mangroves, seagrass beds, and other wetlands.

two manatees in the water

Book an Eco Tour to see the beauty up close and capture pictures of the local wildlife. Experience the unique and spectacular ecology of the area with endless attractions. You will view extraordinary bird species that inhabit the area, the crystal clear waters will provide great visibility that will allow you to see the ocean floor and all the inhabitants around, including sightings of our manatee. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of the Keys flowing through the canals and the beautiful homes along the way. Your adventure is about to begin.

What type of wildlife can be seen on an eco tour in the Florida Keys?

On an eco tour in the Florida Keys, visitors can expect to see a variety of wildlife, including dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, and a wide array of bird species. The clear, shallow waters of the Florida Keys provide an ideal habitat for these and other aquatic species, making it a prime location for eco tours.

Snorkeling stops may also offer the opportunity to see colorful tropical fish and a variety of coral formations. The type and abundance of wildlife seen on an eco tour may vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions, but the Florida Keys is a truly unique and biologically diverse area with much to discover.

bird flying

Is the eco tour suitable for families with children?

Eco tours on a catamaran in the Florida Keys can be suitable for families with children, depending on the age and interests of the children. Most eco tours in the Florida Keys offer a range of activities that are suitable for all ages, including snorkeling and wildlife viewing. If your children enjoy nature and wildlife, an eco tour on a catamaran in the Florida Keys is a great way to spend a family vacation day and create lasting memories. (great day to spend on the water)

Can the eco tour on a catamaran be customized for a special occasion?

Yes, we offer customizable tours. Contact us for an inquiry.

Eco Tour with Edelweiss in the Florida Keys

  • Recommended time: 2 hours, Price: $375.00
  • Any time is a good time
  • Optional packages: 3 hours, $475.00. Up to 4 people. 5-6 people on request.

Customer Information

We keep it easy – BYOB. Bring whatever your group wants to drink.

Please ensure that you apply your sunscreen prior to boarding. No spray sunscreens allowed on the boat due to slips and falls. Please use environmentally friendly sunscreen to protect our ecosystem.

All tours are at the discretion of the Captain. Safety first for our customers. We accept PayPal, checks, credit card and cash.

Try to keep personal items to a minimum. Please no Metal cups. Thank you!

We are happy to customize a package of 12 guests with booking two boats, please call to inquire more information.


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