Our Florida Keys Tours

Islamorada Sandbar $450.00

The famous Islamorada sandbar is located less than a mile offshore around Mile Marker 84, you will see hundreds of boats gather to create a huge party on the water. Because the water is shallow on the sandbar, you will see lounge chairs, barbecue grills, picnic tables, umbrellas, all set up in the water. The sandbar is a great spot for all ages. We recommend 3 hours to enjoy the sandbar.

Snorkeling at Hens and Chickens $450.00

Hen and Chickens Reef is a protected SPA coral reef that is an extremely popular Florida Keys snorkeling location.​​​​The water is also filled with brightly colored tropical fish such as blue tang and angelfish, plus numerous schools of grunt and schoolmaster are often observed. This is also the perfect place to introduce children to this fun and educational sport, while teaching them about marine life. 3 hours recommended.

Snorkeling Alligator Reef Lighthouse $600.00

A reef teeming with more than 500 species of marine life, a pirate-hunter shipwreck, and a 144-year-old lighthouse all sit just four nautical miles offshore from Islamorada in the Florida Keys. At an average depth of 20 feet, the surrounding reef is ideal for snorkelers and divers looking to explore Florida’s Caribbean coast. There are spiny lobsters, parrotfish, barracuda, and abundant coral all in a jumbled graveyard of shipwrecks. 4 hour tour recommended.

Sunset Cruise $350.00

Enjoy a wonderful sunset cruise. We will take you by some of the most beautiful scenery, through some mangroves and past some of the most expensive homes in the Keys. We will spend some  time out in the bay watching the most spectacular  sunsets in the world while sipping a glass of wine. 2 hours is recommended.

Snorkeling and Sandbar $600.00

This package will give you the best of both tour options. Snorkel at Hens and Chickens reef or Alligator Reef and spend some time enjoying the Islamorada Sandbar. We recommend 4 hours to really enjoy both activities. Location depends on water conditions.

Eco Tours $350.00

This is a perfect way to see and explore the middle keys. To see the beauty close and capture pictures of the local wildlife. Experience the unique and spectacular ecology of the area with endless attractions. You will view extraordinary bird species that inhabit the area, the crystal clear waters will provide great visibility that will allow you to see the ocean floor and all the inhabitants around, including sightings of our manatee. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of the Keys flowing through the canals and the beautiful homes along the way. Your adventure is about to begin.

Customize Your Own Package

Our goal is to provide you the best experience possible. So we are happy to set up a special package just for you and your family. We also have special packages just for two. Just call and we can make the perfect package.

We provide coolers, floats and ice bags.

We are happy to customize a package of 12 guests with booking two boats, please call to inquire more information